Bagan, being one of the greatest Buddhist monuments of the world, is imbued with a profound, spiritual atmosphere that lends itself to self-introspection and a feeling of wanting to go back to the basics. Because of this special characteristic, the Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort has designed a Meditation program that will take advantage of this unique mystical quality.

Sometimes people become too engrossed in daily worldly concerns, and lose track of their own inner well-being. As a result, stress and disquiet become part of their lives, leading to illness and disorder. An individual needs to spend time for himself, to listen to his personal beat. One of the proven and highly recommended ways to do this is by meditation.

Meditation Program

Myanmar is the center of Vipassana Meditation, which can help cast off the limitations and illusions in one’s mind, and teach one to closely observe his own natural rhythm. Such practice will be instrumental in relaxing and calming down emotions whenever difficult situations arise.

Meditate under the guidance of an experienced English-speaking Instructor at our Meditation Pavilion in Thiripyitsaya. A simple explanation about Mahasi Vipassana meditation will be given, and the traditional Myanmar meditation uniform will be provided. This lesson will be suitable for beginners who are interested in meditation and would like to learn the fundamentals of meditation.

Meditating while surrounded by serene nature and utter quiet in the Pavilion, one will be encouraged to cultivate constructive thoughts, conquer discouragement and find hope.

1-Hour Meditation Session : USD 70
2-Hour Meditation Session : USD 120

(Translation can be arranged for non-English-speaking guests at extra charge.)
Please ask the Tour Desk for assistance.