Body Treatment

Hot Volcanic Stone Body Treatment

Heated smooth, flat volcanic stones are placed on key points of the body. The stones, which retain heat longer, warm the muscles and become an extension of the therapist's hands to alleviate stiffness and induce complete relaxation. The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.

Royal Javanese Body Treatment

After a 1-hour herbal oil massage, Javanese Lulur is applied on the skin. Lulur is a combination of herbs with turmeric as the key ingredient, which lightens skin color. Rice powder, jasmine and sandalwood oils, almond or avocado oil, flower petals (rose, jasmine, frangipani, lavender) together with the turmeric and mixed with yogurt to form the Lulur paste, which aside from lightening skin color, exfoliates and softens skin and removes odors. A warm shower finishes the session, topped off with an application of herbal moisturizer or a dusting of Myanmar Thanaka powder which whitens and protects the skin from the sun.

Herbal Oil and Steam Treatment

A 1-hour Bergamot herbal oil massage is followed by a 30-minute honey and steam wrap. The steam treatment induces sweat, helps purge the body of impurities, relaxes the muscles and improves circulation.

Thai Herbal Heat Revival

After a 1-hour traditional massage therapy, a 30-minute herbal heat treatment follows. Medicinal herbs are wrapped together with the purest flax seed beads in a cotton pack, which is then heated and applied to strategic points of the body to relieve stiffness, relax muscles and alleviate pain. The herbs can include relaxants (chamomile, valerian root, spearmint), pain relievers (peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary), rejuvenators (palmetto berry) and healing herbs (yarrow).

Hand Paraffin Therapy

After being cleaned, the hands are massaged with mango lotion to soften skin. The hands are then dipped into the paraffin bath 4 times for 5 seconds each time. Afterward, the hands are wrapped in vinyl for 15 minutes and at the same time, given a soft massage. As a last step after the vinyl wrap is removed, the hands are again massaged with lotion.

Foot Paraffin Therapy

After soaking in warm water with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and other botanicals for 10 minutes, the feet are dried and then scrubbed using a mixture with aloe vera and sea kelp. The feet are then rinsed and given a 15-minute massage. Thereafter, the feet are dipped into the paraffin bath 4 times for 5 seconds each time. Afterward, the feet are wrapped in vinyl for 15 minutes, at the same time given a soft massage. The therapy ends with a final rub-down.