Wraps & Scrubs

Your Choice of Scrub

Sea Salt (or) Chocolate (or) Tamarind (or) Kiwi

Kiwi Body Bootster

Kiwi Seeds gently buff away dead skin cells while natural AHA's break down dull build-up to prevent blackheads and improve skin quality. It is followed by a lemongrass oil massage.

Sea Salt Body Polish

The body is first soaked in a Sea Salt Scrub and essential oil mixture for 30 minutes. Sea Salt contains over 25 minerals essential to skin health and proper moisture balance; it leaves the skin soft, hydrated and free of dead skin cells. The soak is followed by an hour and a half aromatherapy massage.

Chocolate Body Refresh

100% Natural dark chocolate softens skin and is loaded with anti-aging antioxidants. It increases circulation, moisturizes, and aids in exfoliating and buffing away bumps and flakes, restoring smoothness and radiance to the skin. It likewise contains high concentrations of Vitamins C & E to protect and heal. The Chocolate Scrub, a delicious way to nourish and pamper your skin, is followed by a Lilawadee Masage.

Tamarind & Honey Body Scrub

Tamarind is a natural cleanser. It is great for any skin type and helps remove dead skin cells. It is combined with honey which moisturizes and smoothens skin.

The Tamarind & Honey Body Scrub with its high vitamin C and calcium content which brightens, clarifies and strengthens skin is followed by an herbal oil massage.